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  • Adam Rang

    Adam Rang

    I'm a big fan of Estonian saunas. I also have an e-Residency profile here: https://medium.com/@adamrang

  • Theodore (Ted) Stark

    Theodore (Ted) Stark

    Empirically minded User Experience professional with a bias towards the science that informs human-computer interaction.

  • Richie Crowley

    Richie Crowley

    Slowly building an audience by publishing original thoughts and ideas only when I have something of quality to say.

  • Sam Corcos

    Sam Corcos

    Software developer, founder, author - CarDash - Learn Phoenix - SightlineMaps.com

  • Michaela Fiasová

    Michaela Fiasová

    Entrepreneurial Designer and Thinker ~ Writing to inspire, raise questions, ignite change and share ideas ~ mfiasova.com

  • UberATG


    We are rethinking the future of transportation.

  • Garron Engstrom

    Garron Engstrom

    Product Design Manager @ Facebook Social Impact

  • Brad Sant

    Brad Sant

    Product & UX Designer. Wedding photographer. Ice cream connoisseur — www.bradsant.com // www.bradrachel.com

  • Zi Yuan

    Zi Yuan

    Senior Designer @ Google, Ex-Facebook Designer

  • Tre Ford

    Tre Ford

    A UX designer sometimes compelled to write!

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